Join us for a night of Praise and worship, a message and Eucharistic Adoration. These events are located at and brought to you by All Saints Catholic Church. The nights will start at 7:30pm and end around 9pm.



What is XLT Atlanta?

XLT Atlanta is a gathering for people of all ages who want to see, know, and love God. We come together to celebrate God’s love for us, and then are inspired to go out and share that love. We sing of God’s love with high-powered, full band praise and worship, hear about God’s love from nationally renowned speakers, and spend time contemplating and receiving His love in a time of Eucharistic Adoration, a tradition in the Church that’s been practiced for centuries.

It’s a time for the whole family, the whole community to come together and worship in fellowship and unity. Each event, we have college students, young professionals, grandparents and teenagers alike come through our doors and celebrate their faith together. 


For Youth Ministers:

Our goal is to help Life teen and the Archdiocese to unit the Catholic youth in the Atlanta area. XLT is a free event built with the sole purpose to help you build your programs and allow our teens to have the chance to see the faith alive and vibrant in our community.  All you have to do is say yes and bring your teens. Spots are running out and every event will be sold out so sign up now for your teens, so that they can experience this incredible opportunity.


What is Studio ONE? 

Studio ONE is a film studio built to serve the faithful community of Atlanta and broadcast to the worldwide web. Having XLT Atlanta at Studio ONE allows us to create a vibrant, prayerful space to worship – but it also lets us film the night and put it on the web for everyone to witness the miracle that is Christ in the Eucharist. 

For Teens:

So often in our lives we feel that no one else believes and that we are all alone in a world that is constantly attacking our faith. This is a night to rise up with hundreds of teens from all over your area and show the world that we still believe!